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The Interactive Whitepaper

Enterprise Management 360 is proud to be one of the UK’s top whitepaper resources for the tech community with hundreds of whitepapers available to download on our website. We are now proud to offer an exciting new product to replace the traditional PDF: The Interactive Whitepaper

The Traditional Whitepaper

Simply put: A whitepaper is a persuasive authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.

How are Whitepapers used in marketing?

They are not a sales pitch, but are well researched and impartial enough to appeal to people on their buying journey. They are also an effective asset as part of a awareness or marketing campaign because they are usually ‘gated’ requiring an email address for download.

Why do we need Interactive Whitepapers?

As whitepapers are more serious in tone than an ebook or a blog and are ‘problem solvers’ they also tend to be quite hard to read and sometimes fail to hold the reader’s attention. The problem is that although we still need whitepapers in the industry, the format desperately needs an update. This is where Interactive Whitepapers come in..

What is an Interactive Whitepaper?

An interactive whitepaper takes a passive reading experience of a PDF and transforms it into an engaging and dynamic user journey.

Interactive elements such as assessments, infographics and polls can be embedded to provide a customised journey through the content – helping the user to arrive at a more relevant conclusion or solution based on the input provided throughout the experience.

For example, if we take a complex topic that has many different solutions depending on the user’s criteria, a branch tree diagram can be used to construct a user journey with multiple outcomes. Prompts and questions are used to carve a unique path that skips all the unnecessary information and gives the reader a solution that is unique to their problem.

In short, an Interactive Whitepaper, actively involves the reader in the education process of your whitepapers message, cutting out all the irrelevant information and allowing the reader to get straight to the point and gather the information needed to assist their buying decision.

PDF vs Interactive content

Source: Demand Metric
Source: Demand Metric

Disadvantages of the PDF

  • Difficult to read
  • No engagement
  • No navigation
  • Not search engine friendly
  • Not email friendly
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Not able to track engagement

Advantages of Interactive Content

  • Engaging, easy read
  • Embed polls, assessments etc
  • Data capture
  • Live updates
  • Effective asset for lead gen
  • Good for SEO
  • Displays well on all devices
  • More shareable
  • Embed multiple assets: Video etc

How effective are they?

We have found that Interactive whitepapers have proven to be a lot more effective in generating qualified leads than traditional whitepapers, for our own campaigns we have seen an average increase of 150 – 200% more leads, with an added benefit to gather more closely targeted prospects by extracting more information from the asset.

By adding interactive content to your marketing mix, you can increase prospect engagement by as much as 50% click rates, 80% content completion rates and lead form conversion above 45%

An interactive whitepaper is an effective asset as part of a lead gen campaign, and has shown that the extra level of engagement produces results.

Don’t take our word for it..

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducted a survey from their B2B content marketeer audience of 20,000 in 2016 and produced the following results to support the rise of interactive content:

Of marketers believe it’s important to influence buyers early in the journey
Of buyers don't reveal themselves until they are ready to buy
Of modern marketers say their content is not even slightly interactive
Agree that interactive content grabs the attention of the reader more effectively than static content
Agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures
Agree that nongated interactive content can provide a “sample” of the brand, resulting in a higher degree of lead nurturing
Agree that combining traditional content marketing tactics with interactive content enhances retention of my organization’s message
Agree that interactive content provides valuable ways to repurpose my organisation’s passive content.
Interactive content does a much better job of educating the buying audience

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Interactive content supports each stage of the buying process:

Awareness stage
Awareness stage
A prospect in research mode is likely to engage in polls, self-assessments, and knowledge tests.
Evaluation stage
Evaluation stage
When evaluating solutions a buyer will take to benchmark assessments, interactive white papers, and persona assessments.
Decision stage
Decision stage
At the critical buying stage, ROI calculators, galleries, product pickers and surveys will help guide decision-making.

Interactive Whitepaper Creation

If you do not currently have a whitepaper to convert, but would like to start from scratch, we offer an interactive Whitepaper creation service.
This process results in a unique end product that has interactive content hard-wired in from the start.

Our CREATION process:

  • 1 - Select topic

    Whitepapers are problem-solvers, so if you have a topic in mind or a new product to feature we can discuss and explore with our research team.

  • 2 - Select writer

    A professionally written whitepaper will make all the difference to the final piece, and we have a pool of writers that we can approach, depending on the topic area.

  • 3 - Create structure

    Once we have the whitepaper written and the facts and figures gathered, we can then start to create a interactive narrative.

  • 4 - Hosting

    When your interactive whitepaper is completed it will have it’s own unique web address or you can select your own custom domain.

  • 5 - SEO

    Our SEO software and expertise in metadata ensures your interactive whitepaper is fully optimised for all major search engines.

We have a number of Interactive content modules to use which include:

Quiz or Poll


Interactive Video


Infographics/ Charts

Drag and Drop

Using these modules as building blocks, we can put together an engaging interactive experience that guides the user through a multitude of options to arrive at a solution designed specifically for them.

Interactive Whitepaper Conversion

If you have an existing whitepaper that you would like to convert to an interactive version, we can use the existing content to create a new and more engaging experience. This process results in a completely new asset which can combine and present multiple assets: video, podcasts, text into one cohesive piece.

Our CONVERSION process:

  • 1 - Review content

    The first stage is to read and process the content of the whitepaper, then make a plan with interactivity in mind, reducing text and adding interactive elements.

  • 2 - Create structure

    Re-organisation of the content and structure may be needed so that the content follows a logical order, then we will create the navigation.

  • 3 - Extract assets

    Next we will extract the existing graphics and branding from the PDF and prepare for insertion in the new interactive format or create new interactive modules.

  • 4 - Create iWP

    All the assets now come together into an interactive experience. We use our own bespoke tools and html 5 coding to create your interactive piece.

  • 5 - SEO & Hosting

    Your Interactive whitepaper will have SEO embedded and reside on it’s own unique web address or you can select your own custom domain.

Some Examples

Tibco - The Algorithmic Insurer
Tibco - The Algorithmic Insurer
Tibco - The Algorithmic Insurer
Insurers are now able to collect vast quantities of data about every aspect of their business environment and profile their customers in detail.
Predictive Analytics at Scale in Retail
Predictive Analytics at Scale in Retail
Predictive Analytics at Scale in Retail
In the booming retail business, big data is poised in the coming years to open up huge opportunities in the way stores (both physical and online) fundamentally operate and serve customers.
Self-Service Data Prep
Self-Service Data Prep
Self-Service Data Prep
Modern business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms have transformed the way people work with data. They’ve made it easier for business analysts to visually explore data and discover insights to help their organizations make better decisions.
Reaction to Brexit
Reaction to Brexit
Reaction to Brexit
In July 2016, the 451 Alliance conducted a survey to look at the reactions from Brexit. This included its impact to organisations, business, decision-making and outsourcing plans.
Digital Realty
Digital Realty
Three Critical Components of a Future-Proof IT Strategy
Today’s CTOs and CIOs face greater challenges than ever before, particularly when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure.
Cybersecurity Analytics
Cybersecurity Analytics
Cybersecurity Analytics
Cyber threats change every day. Team with Cloudera for a future-proofed architecture that accelerates threat mitigation and detects the unknown threats of today and tomorrow.

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